A Growth Culture

"There's definitely something about this organization that is extraordinary, though I can't say exactly what it is" you may think. Employees are passionate about the work they do. Customers are treated with genuine care. Ideas materialize into results with ease. And no matter what one's role or position, everyone has a sense of purpose and feels they are contributing in meaningful ways to the whole. Integrity, responsibility, growth, excellence - more than words, these are values being lived every day in extraordinary organizations. In working with such companies and teams over the last 20 years, we have discovered that organizations become extraordinary by creating and cultivating a Growth Culture - one in which leaders and their teams are equally interested in contributing results and in seeing their work as a place of discovery and a training ground for self-mastery.

A Growth Culture is one where each interaction and every moment is seen as an opportunity for learning, contribution and excellence.

In organizations with a Growth Culture, learning is a priority for everyone every day. Learning is at the heart of every meeting, every collaboration, and every project.

Constancee helps organizations, teams and individuals in developing a sustainable Growth Culture that facilitates excellence.
Teams Thrive in A Growth Culture

How do the world's greatest managers find, focus and retain exceptional employees?

In exploring this question, Gallup surveyed 400 organizations and 8,000 managers1. What were their findings? Six of the twelve factors identified are explicitly connected to growth and learning!

These are the following:

• Having the opportunity to do my best work every day
• Receiving praise or recognition for having done good work in the last 7 days
• Feeling my supervisor/someone at work cares about me as a person
• Believing that someone at work cares about my development
• Talking to someone about my progress in last 6 months
• Having opportunities to learn and grow in the last year

Cultivating a Growth Culture helps bring out the best in people by encouraging them to give their best and develop themselves every day.

1* Markus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, First Break All the Rules: What the World Greatest Managers do Differently

A Growth Culture Enables Sustainable Success

Around ninety percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone while the highest paying jobs four years from now have not yet been invented. Consumer demand two to three years from now will be very different from today. Consider the time and money spent on apps today and you can see a massive stream of value creation that did not exist ten years ago.

An impressive 88% of companies in the 1955 Fortune 500 are not on the 2014 list. They have either gone bankrupt, merged, or have shrunk so much that they disappeared from the Fortune 500 (ranked by revenues.) Half a century ago, the life expectancy of a firm in the Fortune 500 was around 75 years. Now it stands at less than 15 years and is declining even further.

Why? As Jack Welch put it: "If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near."

Organizations that cultivate a Growth Culture understand that learning is core to their success in business, and, beyond that, their longevity.

As organizations learn, they consciously:

Preserve what's currently working by optimizing their current models;
Leave behind the obsolete, unproductive goals, methods and beliefs in the past;
Create promising sources of future value by establishing new models.

A Growth Culture catalyzes current and future excellence.

See how Constancee helps cultivate a Growth Culture.

1*(IBM Big Data Report 2013)